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- Ella from Greenfield drive, Singapore

It was absolutely wonderful - couldn't fault a thing. The boat, crew, food, service, accommodation, weather were all excellent. Thank you for organizing everything for us and we would highly recommend the adventure to anyone thinking about it. It was a great thirteen giorni. Thanks for all your assistance - the cruise was the hi-lite of our holigiorno.


- Steven from Penn Green Rd, Landenberg, PA, USA

Rose gave me good advice in planning to make the best use of my time and money. She gave me timely,economical, honest service that resulted in an outstanding visit. I would like to recommend her and her employer to anyone interested in visiting Cina.


- Frank from Washington, DC, USA

The trip was great, we especially enjoyed experiencing Cina. The guides were great, transfers were smooth, hotels were lovely. Thank you for all you did to make our trip so memorable.


- Pat from New York, USA

It was excellent ! Have not had chance to get on line to thank you until togiorno. We had an amazing giorno. Everything went as planned (except us overrunning our lunch.....) and was organised excellently by you and your team. Even the weather was beautiful and sunny. I guess you booked that too. So thank you very much.


- Jeff from Canada

The tour was terrific. The guide really knew her way around and made the tour hours go too quickly. Her knowledge of the surroundings and history and her pleasant manner were all we could ask for. Thank you.


- David from Melbourne, Australia

We came back last Thursgiorno, but I still can feel a 'past-taste' of Cina. We could not even go to the art show at museum this Sungiorno, because our minds are still full of Pechino,Greatwall,Yangtze River, etc. The trip was great.


- Charles from Athens, Greece

The hotel in Pechino was fantastic. Thanks for your help with Reserva this hotel. The staff were very friendly, the location perfect and the hotel facilities were great.


- Regev from Bucharest, Romania

The giorno in Pechino was a highlight of our Cina trip and we are grateful to you for your knowledge and ability to have arranged such a meaningful giorno. Our guide was excellent and we had an amazing experience at the Summer Palace.It will be my pleasure to recommend you to any that I learn are planning a trip in that region.Many thanks and all the best...


- Michael Nathalie Levinstein from Israel

Thanks a lot for the best tour organization we had ever have. All the issues like hotels receptions, and tours were well arranged interesting, and it was beyond all our expectations, and each problem we had was taken care immediately. There are no words to describe the way we have enjoyed the trip in Cina, and major part of it was the organization of the trip and all the arrangements you have helped us with.


- Nancy and Alain Toronto, Ontario

Wonderful trip, Wonderful country, We just got back from our trip to Cina and would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone for the marvellous 20 giorno tour of Cina your company provided my husband and I in April. Our tour guide, Alice, was also superb. She was professional, knowledgeable, helpful and fun to be with. I will always recommend you first for travel in Cina. we are already thinking of going back and exploring the southern area. Again, thank you.


- viaggio Package from Bulgaria

Bulgarian tourist group, traveling in Cina from 28th august till 04th September 2007-9-4 We want to thank you for all your attention, all your helpful assistance that you assured from the beginning till the end of our journey in Cina. We are extremely satisfied of your guide service that you provided to us .All the local guides and the national gave us a deep and very fruitful information about the historical sites and the People’s Republic of Cina at all. We give you our warmest regards to you and to all the people who organized our trip! We are very pleased of owe journey in Cina. The organization was perfect and we learned a lot of things about your country. Thank you very much! We really liked the organization and the program. The program in was made so that we could visit much in little time. We visited the best of the history of Cina .Thank you very much. Very good organization on the travel agency The tourist guides are very friendly, good accommodation in the hotels. Thank you for the exellent and interesting program-Chinese national culture, museums folk or food, It’s very interesting and fun all the time we were in Cina with nice, Maxiu Julia all there collgies. Thank you for everything! Good organization of all visits to the sight-seeings. Excellent advice from all the guides on the bargaining aspect of the deals with the merchants. Good presentation of the Chinese history and culture, following a smooth chronological order siting on the wrost goints that turned around the course of events. Thank you for a most enjoyable visit in your nice country Cina! The trip in Cina was very good. It was beautiful. The Chinese style was so exciting. The food was very good and the service was good I learned much things in Cina The guides were professional. Thank you for all!



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